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The Membrane Group

The Membrane Group exists to organise meetings on themes concerning the structure, function and biosynthesis of animal, plant and bacterial membranes. This area must span membrane proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, so that there is an inevitable overlap with the subject areas of other Groups (for example, Protein & Peptide Science, Lipid, Regulation in Metabolism, Hormone, and so on) and this is reflected in the relatively large number of joint meetings we hold.

Because of the fundamental role which membranes have in cell physiology, we also arrange joint meetings with other Societies, such as the Physiological Society or the British Society for Cell Biology where our interests overlap.

The Membrane Group has no formal membership or mailing list since news of future meetings will normally be published in The Biochemist. We hope, however, to build up a list of e-mail addresses of interested members who would like to receive more detailed information about our activities or to make nominations to the Committee.

Forthcoming meetings to be organised by the Membrane Group

Committee Members

Tony Lee
University of Southampton
David Phoenix
Department of Applied Biology, University of Central Lancashire
Tel: 01772 893519; Fax: 01772 892929
Shamshad Cockcroft University College London
Peter Henderson University of Leeds
Nigel Hooper University of Leeds
Geoff Holman University of Bath
Steve High University of Manchester
Bob Ford UMIST

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