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Neuroscience Group

Future Meetings
Committee members
The Thudichum Medal Lecture
Neuroscience Group Distribution List

Future Meetings

The committee meets 3 times annually to plan and organize neuroscience colloquia at Biochemical Society meetings, and would welcome suggestions from members of the Society for topics for future colloquia.

Neuroscience Group AGM
3pm Wednesday 4th September, 2002
Portland Place, London

The Committee

Dr R.A.J. McIlhinney (Chair) Medical Research Council
Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit
Mansfied Road
Oxford OX1 3TH

Tel: 01865 271896
Fax: 01856 271647

Dr Gethin McBean (Secretary) Department of Biochemistry
University College Dublin
Dublin 4, Ireland

Tel: +353 1 706 1542
Fax: +353 1 283 7211

Dr Paul Whiting (Treasurer) Merck Sharpe & Dohme Research Laboratories, Harlow
Dr E. KellyUniversity of Bristol
Dr D.K. AppsUniversity of Edinburgh
Dr C.ConnollyUniversity of Dundee
Dr N. MillarUniversity of London
Dr Craig McArdle University of Bristol
R.A.J. Challiss University of Leicester
Dr Cora O'NeillUniversity College Cork
Dr Nigel M. HooperUniversity of Leeds

Thudichum Medal

The Thudichum Medal lectures were inaugurated in 1974, to honour eminent scientists who had made outstanding contributions to neurochemistry and related subjects. Past recipients of the medal have included H. Blascho, H. McIlwain, M. Vogt, H. Kosterlitz, V.P. Whittaker, P. Greengard and J. Watkins.

The Neuroscience Group Committee invites members of the Biochemical Society to forward details of nominees for the Thudichum Medal to the Group Secretary ( or any member of the committee.

Neuroscience Group Distribution List

Any members who wish to have their names included in a Neuroscience Group distribution list are asked to send their contact details (email address) to the
Group Secretary.

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