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University of Keele, 20–22 July 1999

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Wednesday 21–Thursday 22 July

Membrane Group/Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Group Colloquium
Expression and Purification of Membrane Proteins

C. Tate (Cambridge)
R. Grisshammer (Cambridge)
SmithKline Beecham

Wednesday 21 July

08.45 Chair's Introduction
08.55 S. High (Manchester)
Eukaryotic membrane protein synthesis: the fundamentals
09.30 B. Miroux (Meudon-bellevue, France)
Expression and purification of the mitochondrial uncoupling proteins (UCPs): a comparative study between Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
10.05 A. Ward (Leeds)
Expression of membrane transport proteins in Escherichia coli: successes and failures
10.40 Coffee
11:00 Professor Anthony Watts (Oxford)
The Morton Lecture "The need for expression expertise in solid-state NMR studies of membrane proteins: successes and wish lists"
12:00 Lunch
13.30 R. Grisshammer (Cambridge)
Functional expression in E. coli and purification of a G-protein-coupled receptor for neurotensin
14.05 S. Buchanan (London)
Overexpression and refolding of an 80 kDa iron transporter from the outer membrane of E. coli
14.40 H. Kiefer (Stuttgart)
Refolding of G-protein-coupled receptors from inclusion bodies produced in E. coli
15:15 Session Break
15.45 B. Poolman (Groningen)
Amplified expression of membrane transport proteins in Gram-positive bacteria and methods for membrane reconstitution
16.20 J. Stolz (Erlangen)
Characterization and purification of a plant sucrose transporter produced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
16.55 J. Groves (Bristol)
Heterologous expression of the red cell anion transporter (Band 3, AE1) in yeast
17.30 Poster Session

Thursday 22 July

09:10 Chair's Introduction
R. Grisshammer (Manchester)
09.20 R. Flachmann (Heidelberg)
Expression of membrane proteins in tobacco plants
10.00 Poster Session
11.00 R. Possee (Oxford)
The use of baculovirus vectors for the production of membrane proteins in insect cells
11.35 C. Tate (Cambridge)
Improving expression of the serotonin transporter in insect cells by co-expression of molecular chaperones
12.10 W. DeGrip (Nijmegen)
Recombinant baculovirus-based functional expression of visual pigments: optimalization of expression level, purification and reconstitution
12.45 Lunch
14.00 N. Millar (London)
Heterologous expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in mammalian and Drosophila cell lines: the importance of the host cell environment
14.35 P. Reeves (Cambridge, USA)
Efficient purification of rhodopsin from stable mammalian cell lines overexpressing a synthetic bovine opsin gene
15.10 Session break
15.50 M. Needham (Zeneca)
Expression of functional G-protein-coupled receptors in eukaryotic systems
16.25 H. Blasey (Serono)
Transient expression technologies, their application and scale-up: 5HT-3 receptor case study
17.00 Close

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