Medals and Lectures

Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Awards 1999

The Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to invite nominations for the 1999 Interdisciplinary Awards.
These prestigious awards recognise research that involves chemists working with scientists from different disciplines. They also draw attention to the importance of interdisciplinary studies involving chemistry and one or more other sciences and, in doing so, highlight the Royal Society of Chemistry's interest in work that looks across traditional boundaries.

The Society makes up to three awards a year. Each award consists of an inscribed memento and an honorarium of 500. The presentation of each award is associated with a lecture by the award winner, forming the centrepiece of a one-day scientific meeting. Collaboration with other societies may be appropriate, depending on the subject matter.

Nominators are invited to offer suggestions not only as regards names of lecturers but also for suitable subject areas. The significance and excellence of the work will be paramount criteria in making the awards, but the ability of the candidates to present their work in a lively and interesting way will also be considered. Candidates need not be mainstream chemists; it is the relationship of their work to chemistry that matters.

The submission of a nomination must include:

  • The name of nominee;
  • The subject area;
  • The names and addresses to two referees;
  • A list of approximately ten publications relevant to the interdisciplinary theme. These publications may include patents and/or non-confidential internal reports and other information.

The closing date for submission of nominations for the 1999 Interdisciplinary Awards is 31 December 1999.

Nominations should be sent to: Stanley Langer
Royal Society of Chemistry
Burlington House
London W1V 0BN

There are no restrictions on age or nationality, but nominees should be resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland. It is expected that the meeting associated with the 1999 Interdisciplinary Awards will be staged towards the end of 2000, or at the 2001 British Association (BA) meeting.

1998 Award Winners
C.T. Evans (Merlin Ventures)
For the development of biotechnology for the production of useful materials and essential services.

C.R.A. Catlow (The Royal Institution)
For synthetic, structural and computational studies including many of industrial importance.