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Consultation with Members

From the Executive Committee Chairman
Professor C P Downes

February 2002

Dear Colleague

In May and June 2000 the Society commissioned MORI to poll members views on a wide range of issues. The response rate was high, the sample representative and the message was clear. Existing members felt that there were areas in which the Society could perform better and non-members often did not see the Society as offering what they needed.

Early in 2001, a Strategy Meeting was called. Its brief was as close to a blank sheet of paper as possible and its objective was to come up with the basis on which the Society would enhance its activities, reputation and membership. The starting point was your views as expressed to MORI and the conclusion was that there were four areas on which the Society should focus namely:

  • Revamping the meetings programme to increase attendance and deliver cutting edge science
  • Reform of the subject group structure to ensure that its coverage and activities were a good match to members� interests and reflected the dynamic nature of the discipline
  • Rethinking the aims of the Society�s regional activities
  • Exploitation of web based technologies to enhance all society activities

It was agreed that working groups would review each one of these areas as a matter of urgency. Each of these groups has now reached an advanced stage in its deliberations and produced a paper setting out proposals for change in each key area identified. Many of these proposals are radical and have been subject to extensive consultation within the Council, Scientific Interest Groups and the Meeting Committee.

It is now individual members� opportunity to give me their views either by clicking on the Proposal for future development - below or by obtaining hard copies from Glyn Jones at the address below - or [email protected] - and posting in your comments.

All comments will be carefully considered alongside those from Council, the Scientific Interest Groups, the Meetings Committee and members involved in Policy, Education and Professional Affairs as part of the process of drafting final proposals for presentation to Council on 28th May 2002. It would therefore be useful to have as much feedback as possible by 31st March 2002. The comments of non-members are also very welcome so feel free to encourage your colleagues to give their views.

Yours sincerely

Peter Downes
Executive Committee

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