Subcellular location of PKCalphaII-GFP (green) in Green Monkey COS-7 cells using laser scanning confocal microscopy two days after transfection. The actin cytoskeleton is stained with Texas Red-phalloidin and the endoplasmic reticulum (purple) identified with an antibody to calreticulin.   By Lorene Langeberg, Scott Lab Manager at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Portland, OR.
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Theme Panels provide an opportunity to develop interdisciplinary activities and to collaborate with a number of sister societies:
Anatomical Society
Biochemical Society
British Association for Psychopharmacology
British Biophysical Society
British Electrophoresis Society
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British Pharmacological Society
British Society for Cell Biology
British Society for Developmental Biology
British Society for Immunology
British Society for Matrix Biology
British Toxicology Society
Genetics Society
Nutrition Society
Physiological Society
Society for Endocrinology
Society for Experimental Biology
Society for General Microbiology

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