The Biochemical Immunology Group

As our understanding of the complexity of immunological systems at a molecular level has developed, the divide between immunologist and biochemist has been bridged. Over the past decade the Biochemical Immunology group has attempted to bring together scientists with an interest in molecular aspects of immunology within the framework of the British Society for Immunology and the Biochemical Society.
The committee is active in organising meetings on diverse topics which aim to provide a forum for cross-fertilisation of ideas between biochemists with immunological interests and immunologists with biochemical tendencies. In addition, the Biochemical Immunology Group is keen to encourage active participation of graduate and newly qualified post-doctoral scientists to develop communication and presentation skills. In order to offer support to young scientist, the Biochemical Immunology Group committee will consider applications for bursaries to assist with accommodation/travel costs. The success of these meetings in terms of audience numbers and feedback to those involved in organisation indicates that molecular immunology will continue to be a common feature of scientific symposia and workshops at both international and national level.

British Society for Immunology
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Group Communication/New Committee members

The BIG committee support the view that communication via email and www-based information represents the simplest means of keeping group members up to date with news regarding meetings organised by BIG members.
It is our aim to provide up to date current information whenever possible.

If you feel the urge to bring together people working in your own specialist area for a meeting either at a local or a national level, the Biochemical Immunology Group would be prepared to consider all suggestions and if appropriate to offer support (including financial) in order to facilitate organisation. All suggestions should be forwarded to committee members.

B.I.G. Committee Members

Paul Banga (King's College London):
(Secretary)Ian Dransfield (Edinburgh University):
Brian Foxwell:
Steve Howell:
Janet Lord:
Rajneesh Malhotra:
Tony Merry:
(Chairman) Paul Morgan:
Stephen Ward:
Jenny Woof:

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