The Biochemical Immunology Group

Past Meetings

666th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Sheffield, 29 July 1998

"Phagocyte Recognition of Dead and Dying Cells"

organised by Prof. C Gregory and Dr. Ian Dransfield

Speakers included: Chris Gregory (Nottingham) and Val Fadok (Denver), Giovanna Chimini (Marseille), Luciana Dini (Rome), Nick Platt (Oxford), Simon Hart (Edinburgh) and Barbara Spruce (Dundee). John Savill (Nottingham) provided an overview.

Published abstracts in Biochemical Society Transactions 26/4 (1998)

667th Meeting of the Biochemical Society, Leicester September 1998

"Biosensors: into the 21st Century".

Organized by Steve Howell
Tony Turner (Cranfield) and Chris Lowe (Cambridge) co-chaired chair the meeting.

The excellent programme included talks from: .
  • Prof. C Lowe (Cambridge)
  • Prof. A Turner (Cranfield)r
  • Prof M. van Regenmortel (Strasbourg)
  • Dr. H. Hill (Oxford)
  • Dr H Vogel (Laussane)
  • Dr. K Mosbach (Lund)
  • Dr. M. Malmqvist (Uppsala)

British Society for Immunology Annual Congress December, 1998

"Complement - Lessons from knockouts and transgenics".

Organized by Paul Morgan

Speakers included: Mike Carrol (C3/C4 knockouts), Mike Holers (CR1 knockout), Craig Gerard (C5a knockout), Mark Walport (Factor B knockout), and Steve Sachs from Guys. The programme included 40 minutes for poster free presentations.

British Society for Immunology Annual Congress 1998

"Signalling for Cell Death".

organized by Janet Lord and Steve Ward

The programme for this full day session included a good mix of European and UK speakers.
G. Evan (London) introduction
J Tschopp (Lausanne) Apoptosis induced by death receptors
R Tyrell (Bath) Mechanisms of UVA-mediated apoptosis.
RH Michell (Birmingham) Phosphatidylinositol- 3,5-bisphosphate: a novel phosphoinositide second messanger revealed during osmotic stress in yeast
S Cook (Cambridge) The repertoire of Fos and Jun proteins expressed during the G1 phase of the cell cycle and MAP kinase.
J. Moscat (Spain) Signalling survival and proliferation through atypical PKC pathways
W Earnshaw (Edinburgh) Biochemical mechanisms of apoptotic execution
J. Downward (London) Ras regulation of cell survival and division.

Independent Meetings

"Phage Display Technology" - Cardiff June 1998.

organized by Dr E. Liddell and Paul.

Invited speakers included:
Andrew Bradbury (Trieste)
Dennis Burton (La Jolla)
Antonino Cattaneo (Trieste)
Riccardoo Cortese (Rome)
Andrew Griffiths (Cambridge)
Philipp Hollinger (Cambridge)
John McCafferty (Cambridge Antibody Technology)
Peter Monk (Sheffield)
Andreas Pluckthun (Zurich)
Mark Sullivan (J & J, New York)

The Biochemical Immunology Group supported a colloquium entitled:
"Cell survival and apoptosis" as part of the Biochemical Society meeting in Cork 1999
Speakers included:
Gerard Evan (UK), Alex Ullrich (Germany) van Oberghen (France), Thomas Chittenden (USA), Marianna Resnicoff (USA), Brian Hemmings (Switzerland), Dionisio Martin-Zanca (Spain), Caroline Dive (UK), Rosemary O'Connor (IRE).


Also held at the September 1999 Meeting of the Biochemical Society in Cork

Details on the Biochemical Society web site.

"Chemokines and transmigration" (Rajneesh Malhotra and Steve Ward)

Held at the 7th BSI annual congress in Harrogate December, 1999

R. Malhotra - introduction
E Butcher - Chemokines multistep navigation
F Sanchez-Madrid - Chemokines and leukocyte polarity
J Gallager - Chemokine presentation
J Westwick SDF
T Williams - Eotaxin
B Rolling/ I Charo-MCP1/CCR2 KO
T Wells - Chemokine receptor expression

An independent group meeting organized by Dr. Rajneesh Malhotra was also held.

Innate Immunity: Primitive system in man

Chair Rajneesh Malhotra/Keith Ray

Doug Fearon (UK)- Links between Innate Immunity and Adaptive Immunity.

Siamon Gordon (UK)- Scavenger Receptors on Macrophages and Antigen presenting cells and their roles in Innate Immune responses.

Mike Turner (UK)/Jensenius (Denmark)- MBP-MASP complex

Bruno Lemaitre (Germany) - Drosophila Host Defence and Insect Immune Responses to Pathogens.

Jonathan Jones (UK)- Plant Disease Resistance Genes and Signal Transduction.

Luke O'Neill (Ireland)- IL1 and TLR Signal Transduction - Ancient Signalling Pathways Involved in Host Defence.

Bruce Beutler (Germany)- The TLR4 Locus and LPS Resistant Mice.

Future Meetings

Innate Immunity Satellite Meeting - 21 July 2000

NB future Biochemical Society/ British Society for Immunology meetings

April 2000 - Leeds
July 2000 - IUBMB Birmingham
December 2000 - Sussex
December 2000 -

Any ideas for future meetings should be relayed to committee members, who will be able to further pursue them at the next committee meeting/AGM to be held on 19th April 1999.

Travel Bursaries

The committee of the Biochemical Immunology Group will consider applications for financial support from young scientists wishing to attend and present data at meetings supported by the Biochemical Immunology Group. A short reasoned application including anticipated expenditure and 1 page c.v. should be forwarded to
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