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Administration and Finance Glyn Jones Executive Secretary
Chris Finch Director, Finance and Planning
Alison McWhinnie Assistant Director, Personnel and Administration
John Misselbrook Financial Controller
Doug Armin Accounting Technician
Linda Gavaghan PA to Administration Department
Steven Bradford Post/Administration Assistant
Claire Hayward Receptionist
IT John Day Director, IT
Andy Gooden Systems Supervisor, IT
Meetesh Patel Network Manager
Society Activities Sheila Mills Director, Society Activities
Kay Miller Scientific Meetings Coordinator
Nicola Burgher Scientific Conference Organizer
Lena Patel Conference Assistant
Michelle Liles Conference Assistant
Emma Noble Society Activities Team Administrator
Mike Withnall Assistant Director, Policy, Education and Professional Affairs
Rachel Loosley Professional and Education Projects Manager
Portland Press Limited
Editorial(London) Rhonda Oliver Managing Director
Pauline Starley Managing Editor
Sophie Dilley Deputy Managing Editor
Audrey McCulloch Editorial Administrator
Gary Burd Executive Editor, The Biochemist
Stuart Hobday Senior Staff Editor
Serena Cubie Staff Editor
Michael Cunningham Staff Editor
Nick Lamb Staff Editor
Clare Jeeves Staff Editor
Lyn Johnson Staff Editor
Nik Prowse Staff Editor
Mark Thorne Staff Editor
Jean Watkins Staff Editor
Leslie Ball Editorial Assistant
Eleni Demetriou Administrative Supervisor
Dianne Collins Publications Assistant
Rebecca Lange Publications Assistant
Chinh Quan Publications Assistant
Gurbukshaw Sidhu Publications Assistant
DTP Studio (London) Stuart Humphrey DTP Specialist/Web Coordinator
Carol Hastings DTP Assistant
Marketing and Customer Services Adam Marshall Director, Marketing and Customer Service
Sarah Laflin Marketing Manager
Angela Malkin Marketing Assistant
Sandra Dasley Customer Services Manager (Warehouse)
Celia Golby Customer Services Manager (Office)
Alice Webster Business Liaison and Sales Development Manager
Kelly Davies Customer Services Assistant
Christina Hills Customer Services Assistant
Wilma McNaughton Customer Services Assistant
Ron Odle Customer Services Assistant
Stacey-Anne Praimdass Customer Services Assistant
Vivian Reeve Customer Services Assistant
Melanie Shiplee Customer Services Assistant
Faye Steady Customer Services Assistant
Michelle Wyeth Customer Services Assistant
Malcolm Taylor Warehouseman/Packer
Kenneth Muir Warehouseman/Packer
Paul Johnson Warehouseman


If you are visiting the Biochemical Society in Portland Place
you may find this map useful.
The Biochemical Society/Portland Press Ltd
59 Portland Place
London W1B 1QW

Tel: 020 7580 5530
Fax: 020 7637 3626
E-mail: genadmin@biochemistry.org

Tel: 020 7580 3481
Fax: 020 7637 7626
E-mail: meetings@biochemistry.org

Tel: 020 7637 5873
Fax: 020 7323 1136
E-mail: editorial@portlandpress.com
Portland Press Ltd/The Biochemical Society Membership Office
Commerce Way
Whitehall Industrial Estate
Essex CO2 8HP
Tel: 01206 796351
Fax: 01206 799331
E-mail: sales@portlandpress.com

The Biochemical Society,
59 Portland Place,
London W1B 1QW;
Tel: 020 7580 5530; Fax: 020 7637 3626;
E-mail: genadmin@biochemistry.org