Important Dates for 2001:

Council Meetings in 2001
Wednesday 25 April
Tuesday 25 September
Tuesday 25 September - AGM

Executive Committee Meetings in 2001
Monday 9 April in Bristol
Friday 13 July in Dublin
Monday 1 October in London
Friday 14 December in York

Call for nominations - 2001
AGM 2000 Agenda
2001 Council members
2001 Executive Committee
1999 AGM Minutes
Chairman's Statement
Strategy for 2000 and beyond
Society responds to NIH E-biomed proposal
Treasurer's letter to members
Honorary Members
Happy Birthday
Room for Hire
Committee terms of reference

A year in review

The Biochemist

The Biochemist, the Society's membership journal, is published six times a year. It includes features of general interest on biochemical themes, professional matters, book and software reviews and information on the activities of members as well as Society and scientific news. Programmes of all meetings are included in The Biochemist's Meetings Supplement and members receive the annual reports and accounts as an enclosure.

Policy, Professional and Educational

A newly-formed policy sub-committee identifies and acts on policy issues in science and higher education which affect the Society and its members. The sub-committee responds to consultations by government and other decision-making bodies such as the UK research funding councils and promotes the Society's views to these and other authorities.

The Society's Professional and Educational Committee is actively involved in the promotion and planning of the development of biochemical education whilst reviewing the supply, demand for and training of biochemists. The Society is committed to helping to improve the public's understanding of scientific issues and to assisting science teachers. These activities are carried out by a network of Regional Sections and include the production of resource materials for schools, provision of careers advice and the organization of lectures on scientific and professional themes.

Students - The Society organizes careers conferences for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Regional meetings for postgraduates put students in touch with fellow students in neighbouring institutions. Grants are given to student societies to help them put on lecture programmes. The annual graduate employment survey monitors trends in employment opportunities for first degree and Ph.D. graduates.

UK Life Sciences Committee

The Society is a founder member of the UK Life Sciences Committee.

Portland Press Limited

Portland Press Ltd., the publishing subsidiary of the Society, publishes a wide range of books, videos and journals. Some of these are available at a reduced rate to current members of the Society.

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