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The Biochemical Society's Group Structure

Revised terms of reference agreed by the Executive Committee in November 1993

1. Groups supported by the Society are intended to represent subject interests in biochemistry. In addition, there is an Irish Area Section.

2. All Groups must have an adequate field of interest and activity. The titles of Groups shall be broad enough to allow accommodation of likely growth points in biochemistry.

3. A signed proposal, from at least fifty people, showing the composition of an organising committee and defining the field of operation, should be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Biochemical Society. At least twenty-five of the signatories should be members or intending members.

4. The proposal should normally conform to the draft constitution, which is obtainable from the Meetings and Membership Liaison Department, and should be accompanied by a draft programme and budget for the first twelve months of the Group's existence. In the first instance, Group Secretaries will be consulted. The Executive Committee has the power to authorise the constitution of Groups, to effect modifications, to refuse the establishment of Groups and to dissolve Groups.

5. The need for the continued existence of each Group will be reviewed triennially by the Executive Committee of the Society. Groups will be invited to amalgamate when such a course appears desirable.

6. The meetings of the Groups will be controlled by their respective organising Committees.

7. Every Group Committee must comprise a Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer and not more than nine other elected members, including co-options of members otherwise appointed eg where a Group is joint with another society.

8. Election of Group Committees will be by postal ballot of members of the Society. Committee Members shall serve for three years, renewable for a further three years.

9. A grant, approved by the Executive Committee, is made to cover Group activities.

10. Groups may make small charges to meet the incidental costs of meetings outside Society main meetings, subject to the approval of the Honorary Meetings Secretary. When joint meetings are arranged with other Societies or Groups thereof, and such Societies have an established practice of levying charges, the Groups concerned may follow the practice of the co-organisers and make similar meeting charges.

11. Groups shall give a full annual report to the Honorary Meetings Secretary, including details of attendance at meetings. This together with their accounts will be reported to the Executive Committee.

12. The Society intends Groups to meet both at main meetings and independently.

13. Interdisciplinary activity between Groups is encouraged.

14. The Honorary Meetings Secretary is responsible for the co-ordination of Group activities.

15. Groups are expected to offer the proceedings of all colloquia for publication in Biochemical Society Transactions. The Society will pay the publication costs of such colloquia.

16. Groups wishing to publish proceedings or books originating from meetings held under the auspices of the Society or funded by the Society must give first refusal to Portland Press Limited. An appropriate clause to this effect must be included in each Group constitution.

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