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General Travel Fund

Acrobat pdf Application Form
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The Society has a fund from which grants are made available to assist eligible members in meeting the cost of attending scientific meetings or for short visits to other laboratories. Applications for grants are assessed competitively by the Travel Grants Committee, and will usually be for a proportion (25-40%) of the projected costs and will not normally exceed �500. The Travel Grants Committee will however consider awarding a maximum �750 for exceptionally well argued and well supported cases describing high quality research from outstanding scientists or those with recognised potential on the threshold of their careers.

Qualifying Meetings. Meetings for which grants are sought must have a substantial biochemical content and the applicant must give evidence of active participation in the meeting (e.g. Abstract of Presentation). Members who meet all the other criteria will now be allowed a Travel Grant for International travel to any other county, regardless of where they reside.

Eligibility. New members may apply for their first travel grant after they have been a member of the British Biochemical Society for ONE year (by the relevant closing date) although applicants will not be eligible if they have been awarded a Student Travel Grant within the last year. Thereafter, applicants will not be eligible if they have been awarded a Travel Grant from the Society during the previous TWO years.

Assessment of Applications. The Travel Grants Committee is guided by the following considerations in making its decision concerning the allocation of the limited funds available:

  1. The Society's priorities. The Society is concerned to help young scientists become established, particularly in the international community. Priority is therefore given to applicants in their post-doctoral years and in the early years of their careers. Exceptionally, awards will be made to post-graduate research students but such applications must be in the THIRD year of their PhD programme (but note special conditions concerning the provision of a reference below). Under normal circumstances only one application will be granted from the same laboratory/department to attend the same meeting. Multiple applications from the department or the same laboratory will not be discouraged.

  2. Reference. A reference should be provided by the applicant's Head of Department or, if deemed to be more appropriate, his/her immediate supervisor. The referee's opinion of the standing and/or potential of the applicant in his/her field of research is of particular importance to the Committee as are comments concerning the relevance of the particular meeting or laboratory visit to the applicant's work. For PhD students, the referee is asked to write a more extensive letter in support as PhD students who tend not to have publications which otherwise weigh heavily in the assessment.

  3. Publications. Attention will be paid to the 'relevant publications' (preferably refereed) which are cited in support of the application.

  4. Abstract(s). Due consideration will be given to the content and presentation of research to be presented at the meeting.
The Application Process.
  1. The Travel Grants Committee meet six times a year with closing dates for applications of 1st January, 1st March, 1st May, 1st July, 1st September and 1st November. Applications received after these closing dates will not be considered. Applications should be for meetings or visits which take place at least one month after a particular closing date.

  2. Five copies of a completed form should be submitted which must demonstrate that the most cost effective form of transport and accommodation etc is to be utilised. All parts of the form should be completed - if necessary writing 'not applicable' for some sections. The application needs to be supported by the following papers:

    • Copy of registration costs

    • Abstract of presentation

  3. Applications which do not comply with the above Guidelines will not be considered.

  4. Successful applicants will be required to place a sticker on their poster stating "Sponsored by the Biochemical Society".

  5. Application forms can be obtained from:

    Miss Alison McWhinnie
    Assistant Director,
    Personnel & Administration
    59 Portland Place
    W1B 1QW
    Tel: 020 7299 4439
    Fax: 020 7637 3626
    E-mail: [email protected]
Acrobat pdf Application Form
Word Application Form

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