Subcellular location of PKCalphaII-GFP (green) in Green Monkey COS-7 cells using laser scanning confocal microscopy two days after transfection. The actin cytoskeleton is stained with Texas Red-phalloidin and the endoplasmic reticulum (purple) identified with an antibody to calreticulin.   By Lorene Langeberg, Scott Lab Manager at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Portland, OR.
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Secondary Pupils

The Biochemical Society has a number of resources, information and activities available to secondary pupils from pre GCSE right through to A-level. We also run various competitions throughout the school year.


Sciberdiver was created and designed by the Biochemical Society to aid for science teachers and students with How Science Works areas of the curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4. SciberBrain features events, workshops and many resources to help tackle current hot topics (the science and the ethics) in science e.g. the stem cell debate, GM foods and designer babies.

Free online resources:


Sciberdiver was created and designed by the Biochemical Society for science teachers and students from Primary 3 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 2 levels in Singapore schools. Parents will also find the website useful to learn more about the science their children are studying at school.

Although related to the Singaporean curriculum, any teacher, student or user will find the website relevant in most parts to their own school science curriculum. In the England and Wales SciberDiver relates to Key Stage 2 - 3 levels.

Scibermonkey - go bananas for science!

scibermonkey selects only the top online resources and maps them directly onto the current QCA scheme of work for each lesson objective in Key Stage 3 biology, chemistry and physics. The site is freely available, it uses simple web navigation and fun graphics to create a quick, easy and invaluable tool for 11-14 year-old pupils and their teachers. the best site for Key Stage 3 science (and monkeys!)


Developed by the Biochemical Society, this new, free to use and user-friendly portal is for teachers and students at all levels who are searching for biochemistry resources.

Providing a gateway to over 380 web-based resources it covers 16 wide-ranging topic areas. Each resource site on biochem4schools also has icon labels to explain suitability for different age groups and curriculum links. Additionally descriptions of and comments on the content and extensive cross-referencing help you to find what you are looking for.

All resources will be reviewed by users, so you will be able to see the top sites to visit in each topic.

Log on now and discover just how useful this resource can be. Let us know what's missing too - we're keen to hear your views.

Don't waste valuable time trawling the web, try biochem4schools for yourself!

Our Biochemistry Across the School Curriculum resources have been very popular with school pupils and teachers alike. They are specifically geared towards A-level pupils to help them with various biochemical aspects covered in the curriculum. We no longer produce hard copies of these booklets as all pdfs are to be made into interactive online resources. These online resources will include practicals, interesting facts and question & answer quizes. Watch this space for more details as these online resource continue to be developed.

Interested in a career in science but don't know exactly what to study at university? The Biochemical Society, together with other Learned Societies, supports the UCAS Education Conventions under the banner of "Science Careers".

Why not have a look at and read interesting articles on biochemistry and other science that is in the news!

Finished A-levels and thinking about University? - Then why not check out the different universities for yourself! Universities have Open Days where you can go along and see what it's all about.

To find out where biochemistry graduates end up have a look at our annual employment survey to see how well they do!

The Society produces a number of leaflets on biochemistry and biological sciences for secondary pupils as shown below. Information on Careers is also available.

For further information regarding education and careers, email [email protected].

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