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Biochemical Society Awards

Awards in 2003

Call for nominations

The Awards Committee is seeking nominations for the Awards for 2003. These prestigious awards recognise excellence in the fields of biochemistry.

You are invited to nominate leading scientists for the following awards, the criteria for which are outlined below.

We are seeking nominations for the following 4 Awards for 2003:

The Colworth Medal
The Colworth Medal is awarded annually for outstanding research by a young British biochemist. Donated in 1963 by Unilever Research Colworth Laboratory, the award is made to a scientist under the age of 35 by the 1 January of the year for which the award is made. Those above this age limit, who have lost time early in their career through family commitments, illness, late entry into higher education or other good reasons, will be considered by the Awards Committee. The recipient, who is selected by the Awards Committee, is expected to give a lecture at a meeting of the Society and at one of the Unilever Research Laboratories. The lecture is published in Biochemical Society Transactions.

The Novartis Medal and Prize (formerly Ciba)
This medal is awarded annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to the development of any branch of biochemistry. The award is for work carried out in the UK but is open to candidates of any nationality, subject to nomination. The award was donated in 1964 by the Ciba Laboratories, Horsham (later the Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals Division and now Novartis. The recipient of the award is expected to deliver a lecture at a society main meeting and published in Biochemical Society Transactions.

Keilin Memorial Lecture
The Keilin Memorial Lecture was instituted in January 1964 to commemorate the late David Keilin following an appeal by a group of his associates. The Biochemical Society was requested by the organising group to act as trustee of the memorial fund. The lecturer and the subject of the lecture are selected, by the Awards Committee, from a field of biochemistry and/or biology. The venue of the lecture may be outside the UK but the lecture is published in Biochemical Society Transactions.

The Jubilee Lecture
The Jubilee Lecture was established to commemorate the Society's 50th anniversary in 1961. The lecturer, who will be a biochemist of distinction, from any part of the world, is selected by the Awards Committee and is asked to lecture on their chosen field of research. This lecture is given at a Society meeting each year in which there is no Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture. The lecturer receives the Harden Medal, which was first awarded in 1978, and an honorarium. The lecture is published in Biochemical Society Transactions.

The closing date for nominations is: Friday 24 May 2002

The Awards Committee stresses that it is essential that, in nominating an individual, you include the following:

  • a letter from the nominator which summarises the nominee's principle achievements and clearly describes the context in which these meet the criteria for that award
  • the scientist's current CV and list of relevant publications. The 10 most significant (5 in the case of the Colworth Medal) publications should be highlighted
  • just two supporting letters from eminent colleagues describing the area of work undertaken and highlighting the nominees' achievements in relation to the criteria.

For awards with age limits the Committee will exercise considerable discretion when considering nominees with significant breaks in their careers.

If you have any doubts about the eligibility of your nominee, please contact Sheila Mills; tel. 020 7299 4441

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