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Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Group


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  • Last updated: 29 November 2002


    • The final Committee meeting & AGM of NAMBG will be held at The Biochemical Society, 59 Portland Place, London on Friday 6rd December 2002 at 12 noon. The Group is proposed to change its name to "The Nucleic Acids Group" and to continue formally in 2003 as a subject group of the Royal Society of Chemistry but will maintain for the time being "informal IT-supported" status within the Biochemical Society after formal Biochemical Society status is lost (expected within 2003). Nominations (or self-nominations) for new committee members are NOW CALLED. Please volunteer! Potential meeting organisers and other Societies and Groups who have ideas for new meetings or other joint activities should contact Jon Sayers (, Tel: 0114 271 2327) as soon as possible.
    • If you are a Biochemical Society NAMBG member (but not a member of RSC) and wish to be included in the future Nucleic Acids Group emailing liist, you MUST forward your email address to Mike Gait (, otherwise your membership of the group may lapse.

    About the Group

    The Group is currently a special interest group of the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry, with membership freely available to everyone, regardless of whether or not they are members of either of the parent societies. The purpose of the group is to promote the subject of nucleic acids and molecular biology, primarily via organization of meetings covering topics within the subject. There are usually three or four meetings each year, the majority of which are included in Biochemical Society Main Meetings. Members of the Group may attend Group colloquia held in association with a Biochemical Society meeting without paying a registration fee, but may not attend colloquia organized by other Groups or special lectures without registration. The Group also sponsors independent meetings not organized by the Group or the Biochemical Society, where the topic of the meeting is relevant to the aims of the Group. There may be a registration fee for these meetings. Information about future meetings is shown below. The proceedings of Group meetings may be published in Biochemical Society Transactions or, subject to approval of the Societies, independently. The Group activities are administered by a committee according to terms agreed by the parent societies. The committee consists of a maximum of eleven elected members, including a Chairman, and a Secretary/Treasurer and a nominated representative of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Committee members serve for a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. Additional members may be co-opted by the committee as required. Election of Committee members takes place annually, by ballot where necessary.

    The members of the current committee are: Mike Gait (Cambridge, Chairman), Jon Sayers (Sheffield, Acting Secretary), Helen Hurst, Sarah Newbury, Mike Blackburn (Sheffield; Royal Society of Chemistry Representative), David Lilley (Dundee), David Tollervey, Andy Sharrocks (Manchester), Jerry Davies (Queens Belfast), Sheila Graham, (Glasgow) and Alan Williamson (Industrial Representative).

    E-mail addresses for committee

    The David Hutchinson Memorial Bursary Fund

    This fund was set up in memory of the late Dr David Hutchinson, University of Warwick. Bursaries are available to support post-graduate research students to a maximum value of 300 for a colloquium or conference in the UK approved by the Nucleic Acids Group. To qualify students must be 1) registered for a Ph.D. or equivalent at a UK university, 2) be supported by a letter from their supervisor or head of department, 3) present a poster or talk at the colloquium or conference and 4) write a short (1-2 paragraph) report about their attendance.

    Application should be made 8 weeks in advance of the meeting. Apply to: Dr M. J. Gait, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QH ( ).

    Future Meetings

    April 1st 2003. Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids: Their Chemistry and Applications, The Royal Institution, London, organised by Rick Cosstick and jointly by the RSC Bioorganic Group and the RSC Chemical Biology Forum. Information: Registration: Jane Irvine, Nucleosides Meeting, RSC (

    April 25th 2003. DNA: 50 Years of the Double Helix, Cambridge, Mike Gait, David Bentley, Tom Duke and others. See for further details. This conference is now oversubscribed but a live webcast may become available. For details contact: CoverPoint Secretariat: Elaine Wellingham (

    Aug. 31st-Sept. 3rd 2003 5th Cambridge Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology, Queens' College Cambridge, organised by Shankar Balasubramanian, Rick Cosstick and Mike Gait..
    Web site: Pre-registration: For further information contact: Conference Secretariat: Elaine Wellingham (

    Sept. 3rd 2003 Nucleic Acids Science Minisymposium III-satellite meeting Queens' College Cambridge, contact Jon Sayers (

    Week following Easter 2004- Harden Conference- Mechanisms of Telomere Maintenance and Genome Stability. Jesus College Cambridge. Daniela Rhodes, Steve Jackson and Fabriziod'-Adda Fagana.

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