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University of Glasgow Meeting, 7-9 April 1999

Themed Meeting, centred around: "Complex Protein Assemblies as Molecular Machines"

Wednesday 7 April/ Thursday 8 April/ Friday 9 April 1999 

Regulation in Metabolism Group/ Membrane Group colloquium:
Phospholipids: regulators of membrane traffic and signalling

Echelon Research Laboratories 
Eli Lilly & Co 
The Gatsby Charitable Foundation 
Merck Sharpe & Dohme 
SmithKline Beecham 
S. Cockcroft (London) 
P. Hawkins (Cambridge, UK) 
Wednesday 7 April 

Lipids as targetting devices

B. Michell (Birmingham) 
09.00 B. Michell (Birmingham) 
Chair's Introduction 
The Philip Godfrey Memorial Lecture 
09.20 B. Hemmings (Basel) 
PH domains in cell signalling 
09.50 T. Meyer (North Carolina) 
Protein kinase C as a molecular machine for decoding calcium and diacylglycerol signals 
10.30 Coffee 
11.00 Society Medal Lecture 
12.10 M. Lemmon (Philadelphia) 
Structural bases for specific phosphoinositide binding by PH domains 
12.50 Lunch 

Cellular functions of PIP3

P. Hawkins (Cambridge) 
13.50 D. Alessi (Dundee) 
Insulin signalling downstream of PI 3-kinase 
14.30 D. Fruman (Harvard) 
PI 3-kinase gene knockouts 
15.10 S. Watton (London) 
Localisation of Akt and 3' phosphoinositides 
15.50 M. Wymann (Fribourg) 
PI 3-kinase signalling - no lipids 
16.30 Poster Session 
17.30 Membrane Group Committee Meeting 
18.15 Membrane Group AGM 
Thursday 8 April 

Lipids in vesicle formation and consumption

S. Cockcroft (London) 
09.00 F. Wieland (Heidelberg) 
Biogenesis of COP1-vesicles: proteins and mechanisms 
09.40 W. Huttner (Heidelberg) 
Lipid-protein interactions in the biogenesis of neurosecretory granules and vesicles 
10.20 Coffee 
11.00 Society Medal Lecture 
12.10 N. Ktistakis (Cambridge, UK) 
Intracellular transport and organelle morphology in cell lines with inducible overexpression of PLD1, or of a PLD1-derived anti-sense fragment 
12.50 M. De Matteis (Chieti, Italy) 
ARF regulates spectrin-skeleton assembly on the Golgi complex by stimulating PIP2 synthesis 
13.40 Lunch and Regulation in Metabolism Group Committee Meeting 

PIP2 functions

W. Huttner (Heidelberg) 
14.40 S. Cockcroft (London) 
ARF-regulated phospholipase D in membrane traffic 
15.20 G. Schiavo (London) 
Phosphoinositides and neurotransmitter release 
16.00 H. Yagisawa (Hyogo) 
PLC-delta and related molecules 
16.40 R. Irvine (Cambridge, UK) 
The regulation of type II PIPkins (PI4P 5-kinases) 
17.20 Poster Session 
Friday 9 April 

Cellular functions of PI3P in traffic

B. Hemmings (Basel) 
09.00 M. Clague (Liverpool) 
Regulation of endosome fusion 
09.40 H. Stenmark (Oslo) 
EEAI, an effector for phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate and the GTPase rab5 in endocytic membrane fusion 
10.20 Poster Session 
11.00 S. Ponnambalam (Dundee) 
Lipid kinases and trans-Golgi network membrane dynamics 
11.40 S. Dove (Birmingham) 
Phosphatidylinositol 3,5-bisphopsphate: the biosynthesis and function of a "new" PtdInsP2 isomer 
12.20 Lunch 

PTDINSP2 isomer

R. Irvine (Cambridge, UK) 
13.30 J. Tavare (Bristol) 
Regulation of vesicle and protein trafficking by insulin in living cells 
14.10 G. Gould (Glasgow) 
The role of phospholipid-derived signals in the control of membrane trafficking in insulin-sensitive cells 
14.50 P. J. Cullen (Bristol) 
PI 3-kinase effector molecules 
15.30 P. Hawkins (Cambridge) 
Searching for novel targets of PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 and PI(3,4)P2 

University of Leicester Monday 21 September / Tuesday 22 September 

Regulation in Metabolism Group/Hormone Group: 
Endocrine Control of Perinatal Programming in Health and Disease

C. Whorwood (Southampton) 
C. Kenyon (Edinburgh) 
A. Burchell (Dundee) 
Monday 21 September 
08.50 C. Whorwood (Southampton) 
Overview / Epidemiology
09.00 D. Barker (Southampton) 
Fetal programming of adult diseases 
Fetal and Placental Growth
09.45 P. Gluckman (Auckland) 
The maternal, fetal and postnatal somatotrophic axes in intra-uterine growth retardation 
10.30 Coffee 
11.00 W. Reik (Cambridge, UK) 
Embryonic growth regulation by gametic imprinting 
11.45 R. Sharpe (Edinburgh) 
Perinatal hormone levels and their role in normal/ abnormal development and function of the male reproductive system 
12.30 Lunch 
13.45 J. Hutchison (Cambridge) 
Gender-specific brain formation of oestrogen in behavioural development 
14.30 J. Seckl (Edinburgh) 
Feto-placental growth is influenced by glucocorticoid exposure 
15.15 H. Reichardt (Heidelberg) 
Genetic Dissection of Glucocorticoid Receptor Function 
16.00 Poster Session 
Tuesday 22 September 
09.00 M. Meaney (Montreal) 
Early environmental events regulate neuroendocrine development 
09.45 D. St Germain (New Hampshire) 
Deiodinase protection of the fetus from thyroid hormones 
10.30 Coffee 
11.00 S. Langley-Evans (Southampton) 
Intra-uterine programming of hypertension by maternal undernutrition 
11.45 I. McMillen (Adelaide) 
Neuroendocrine Adaptations of the Fetus to Nutrient Restriction 
12.30 Lunch 
13.45 S. Ozanne (Cambridge, UK) 
Programming of hepatic and peripheral tissue insulin sensitivity by maternal protein restriction 
14.30 M. Symonds (Nottingham) 
Maternal nutrition, placental growth and programming of fetal thyroidal and adipose tissue development 
15.15 J. Honour (London) 
Pre-adrenarche androgens and glucocorticoids and blood pressure control 
16.00 Closing Remarks 
Poster Session 

University of Leicester Tuesday 22 September / Wednesday 23 September 

Regulation in Metabolism Group/Education Group: 
Modelling Metabolism

P. Quant (London) 
K. Elliott (Manchester) 
Tuesday 22 September 

Session 1: "Experimental and theoretical approaches to modelling metabolism"

09.00 H. Westerhoff (Amsterdam) 
09.15 H. Westerhoff (Amsterdam) 
Live control of the living cell 
09.55 M. Savageau (Michigan) 
Design of gene circuitry by natural selection: analysis of the lactose catabolic system in E. coli 
10.35 Coffee 
11.00 B. Korzeniewski (Krakow) 
Theoretical studies on how ATP supply meets ATP consumption 
11.40 M. Cascante (Barcelona) 
New insights into metabolic pathway optimisation by analogy with industrial manufacturing processes 
12.20 A. Cornish-Bowden (Marseille) 
Enzyme kinetics from a metabolic perspective 
13.00 Lunch 
Session 2: "Experimental systems for modelling metabolism"
14.00 A. Cornish-Bowden (Marseille) 
14.15 J. Harwood (Cardiff) 
Modelling lipid metabolism in plants - a slippery problem? 
14.55 R. Iles (London) 
In vivo metabolic modelling - approaches using NMR 
15.35 R. Heinrich (Berlin) 
Control and structural design of glycolysis: an evolutionary approach 
16.10 Poster Session 
Wednesday 23 September: 

Session 3: "Teaching for understanding - concepts not pathways"

09.00 K. Elliot (Manchester) 
09.05 D. Fell (Oxford) 
Traditional concepts of metabolic control mislead more than enlighten 
09.45 P. Quant (London) 
How to get your hands on a concept 
10.15 Poster Session 
11.00 J. Snoep (Amsterdam) 
Introducing MCA and kinetic modelling to biologists 
11.30 K. Tipton (Dublin) 
Kinetics and the numerically challenged 
12.00 P. Mendes (Aberystwyth) 
Use of computers for modelling metabolism 
12.30 Workshop & Lunch 
14.00 M. Brand (Cambridge, UK) 
14.00 M. Watford (Rutgers) 
Mrs. Spratt, young penguins and drunken elephants: teaching metabolic regulation in relation to health and disease requires a whole body approach 
14.30 D. Myles (Glaxo Wellcome) 
Applying the learning: the case for teaching for industry 
15.00 M. Brand (Cambridge, UK) 
Overview: linking research and teaching 
15.30 Discussion 

University of Reading December 15th-17th, 1997

Pre- and post-partum nutrition and metabolism colloquium

(Dedicated to Professor Ray Dils - University of Reading)

Host Colloquium

P. A. Quant (London) 
C. J. Skidmore  (Reading) 
J. Morgan (Nutrition Society, Guildford)
C.M. Williams (Nutrition Society, Reading)

Day 1 (Monday, 15th December)

Session 1 - Perinatal biochemistry and nutrition

Chair & Speaker
J Girard (Meudon-Bellevue, France) 

08.45 "Introduction" 
09.00 "An overview"
W.W. Hay (Denver, U.S.A.) 
09.40 "Nutrient and metabolic needs of the fetus and very small infant: a comparative approach" 
M. Sugden (London, U.K.) 
10.20 "Fuel selection" 
 Session 2 
M. Rennie (Dundee, U.K.)
11.30 "Prologue" 
F. Stewart (Cambridge, U.K.)
11.45 "The fetal drive to placental development" 
T. Chard (London, U.K.)
13.45 "Biochemical assessment of placental function" 
J Golding (Bristol, U.K.)
14.25 "Placenta, nutrition and growth of the infant" 
C Sibley (Manchester, U.K.)
15.05 "Mechanisms of maternofetal exchange across the placenta" 
ME Symonds (Nottingham, U.K.)
15.45 "Epilogue" 
Day 2 (Tuesday, 16th December)
Part I - Lactation
J Morgan (Guildford, U.K.) 
08.55 "Introduction"
M Hamosh (Washington DC, U.S.A.)
09.00 "Longchain PUFA - who needs them?" 
M Peaker (Ayr, U.K.)
09.40 "Milk: integrative signalling between mother and offspring" 
P Darbre (Reading, U.K.)
10.20 "Environmental contaminants in milk" 
Part II - Neonatal biochemistry and nutrition
P Milla (London, U.K.) 
11.30 "Introduction"
H. Büller (Rotterdam, Netherlands) 
11.45 "Lactase expression during early life"
M Lentze (Bonn, Germany) 
13.30 "Pre and postnatal development of intestinal digestion and hydrolysis"
A Aynsley-Green (London, U.K.) 
14.10 "Neonatal insulin secretion - from ion channels to programming" 
J-P Pégorier (Meudon-Bellevue, France)
14.50 "Development and regulation of hepatic fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis at birth" 
D Ricquier (Meudon-Bellevue, France) 
15.30 "Neonatal brown adipose tissue"
Day 3 (Wednesday, 17th December)
Clinical aspects - impaired nutrition and metabolism
A Aynsley-Green (London, U.K.)
09.00 "Introduction"
JS. Wyatt  (London, U.K.) 
09.15 "Cerebral energy metabolism following perinatal asphyxia" 
J Hawdon (London, U.K.)
09.55 "Neonatal  metabolic adaptation after preterm delivery or intrauterine growth retardation" 
P.A. Quant (London, U.K.)
11.35 "Impaired neonatal ketone body metabolism" 
A Pierro (London, U.K.) 
12.15 "Total parenteral nutrition in surgical infants" 
Chair & Speaker
G Mitchell (Montréal, Canada)
14.15 "Introduction"
14.30 "Inborn errors of ketolysis and ketogenesis" 
J.-P. Mazat (Bordeaux, France)
15.10 "Inborn errors of metabolism in the light of MCA" 
K Bartlett (Newcastle, U.K.)
15.50 "Recent developments in the detection of inherited disorders of mitochondrial beta-oxidation"

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