University of Glasgow Meeting, 7-9 April 1999

Themed Meeting, centred around: "Complex Protein Assemblies as Molecular Machines"

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Meeting Programme

Wednesday 7 April/ Thursday 8 April/ Friday 9 April 1999

Regulation in Metabolism Group/ Membrane Group colloquium:
Phospholipids: regulators of membrane traffic and signalling

Echelon Research Laboratories
Eli Lilly & Co
The Gatsby Charitable Foundation
Merck Sharpe & Dohme
SmithKline Beecham
S. Cockcroft (London)
P. Hawkins (Cambridge, UK)
Wednesday 7 April

Lipids as targetting devices

B. Michell (Birmingham)
09.00 B. Michell (Birmingham)
Chair's Introduction
The Philip Godfrey Memorial Lecture
09.20 B. Hemmings (Basel)
PH domains in cell signalling
09.50 T. Meyer (North Carolina)
Protein kinase C as a molecular machine for decoding calcium and diacylglycerol signals
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Society Medal Lecture
12.10 M. Lemmon (Philadelphia)
Structural bases for specific phosphoinositide binding by PH domains
12.50 Lunch

Cellular functions of PIP3

P. Hawkins (Cambridge)
13.50 D. Alessi (Dundee)
Insulin signalling downstream of PI 3-kinase
14.30 D. Fruman (Harvard)
PI 3-kinase gene knockouts
15.10 S. Watton (London)
Localisation of Akt and 3' phosphoinositides
15.50 M. Wymann (Fribourg)
PI 3-kinase signalling - no lipids
16.30 Poster Session
17.30 Membrane Group Committee Meeting
18.15 Membrane Group AGM
Thursday 8 April

Lipids in vesicle formation and consumption

S. Cockcroft (London)
09.00 F. Wieland (Heidelberg)
Biogenesis of COP1-vesicles: proteins and mechanisms
09.40 W. Huttner (Heidelberg)
Lipid-protein interactions in the biogenesis of neurosecretory granules and vesicles
10.20 Coffee
11.00 Society Medal Lecture
12.10 N. Ktistakis (Cambridge, UK)
Intracellular transport and organelle morphology in cell lines with inducible overexpression of PLD1, or of a PLD1-derived anti-sense fragment
12.50 M. De Matteis (Chieti, Italy)
ARF regulates spectrin-skeleton assembly on the Golgi complex by stimulating PIP2 synthesis
13.40 Lunch and Regulation in Metabolism Group Committee Meeting

PIP2 functions

W. Huttner (Heidelberg)
14.40 S. Cockcroft (London)
ARF-regulated phospholipase D in membrane traffic
15.20 G. Schiavo (London)
Phosphoinositides and neurotransmitter release
16.00 H. Yagisawa (Hyogo)
PLC-delta and related molecules
16.40 R. Irvine (Cambridge, UK)
The regulation of type II PIPkins (PI4P 5-kinases)
17.20 Poster Session
Friday 9 April

Cellular functions of PI3P in traffic

B. Hemmings (Basel)
09.00 M. Clague (Liverpool)
Regulation of endosome fusion
09.40 H. Stenmark (Oslo)
EEAI, an effector for phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate and the GTPase rab5 in endocytic membrane fusion
10.20 Poster Session
11.00 S. Ponnambalam (Dundee)
Lipid kinases and trans-Golgi network membrane dynamics
11.40 S. Dove (Birmingham)
Phosphatidylinositol 3,5-bisphopsphate: the biosynthesis and function of a "new" PtdInsP2 isomer
12.20 Lunch

PTDINSP2 isomer

R. Irvine (Cambridge, UK)
13.30 J. Tavare (Bristol)
Regulation of vesicle and protein trafficking by insulin in living cells
14.10 G. Gould (Glasgow)
The role of phospholipid-derived signals in the control of membrane trafficking in insulin-sensitive cells
14.50 P. J. Cullen (Bristol)
PI 3-kinase effector molecules
15.30 P. Hawkins (Cambridge)
Searching for novel targets of PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 and PI(3,4)P2

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