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Database of Talks

Below are talks suitable for various audiences indicated in the table. They are ordered by geographical location.

If you would like further information or to book a speaker, please contact:
Professional and Education Project Manager
The Biochemical Society
59 Portland Place
London, W1B 1QW.

IDLocationTitle of talkSuitable for Under-16 studentsSuitable for Post-16 studentsSuitable for UniversitySuitable for General Public
18AberdeenThe role of clinical scientists in medicine
15AberystwythColours of the living world, Beta-carotene: the colour of health?
26BangorBeth Yw Bywyd?(What is Life)
26BangorChwarae A Genynau ? (Playing with genes?)
1BristolDoes Science disprove God
1BristolCell death-sometimes good sometimes bad
16BristolAdmissions to University
16BristolCareers in Biochemistry
17BristolBiochemists' view of diabetes
17BristolSignal transduction systems in insulin action
17BristolCalcium and the regulation of ATP supply
20BristolPeptide ion channels in membranes
50BristolMolecules for Life
42CambridgeApplications of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in biology and medicine
43CambridgeA Brief history of slime-the origins of cellular life
43CambridgeOrigins of organelles
43CambridgeProtein targeting in photosynthetic bacteria
44CambridgeBiological de-bugging devices
32CardiffThe life and death of a cell
25CorkThe Biological Revolution
25CorkEnzymes as bio-indicators of chemical pollution
27DundeeBiochemistry of diabetes-a major epidemic of the 21st Century
27DundeeBiochemical basis of cancer
27DundeeBiochemistry of exercise and performance enhancing drugs
19EdinburghBacteria rule the world!, Microbiology/Biotechnology
19EdinburghMarine Biotechnology
24EdinburghDistilling, Plant Biochemistry, Malting
28EdinburghCholera, tetanus and whooping cough: different diseases that work in similar ways
45EdinburghPoisons and Pollution
45EdinburghChemicals and Cancer
31GlasgowBiochemistry is for living
52HertfordshireCareers in Research Institutes
62HertfordshireCareers in sales and marketing
 HuddersfieldGenetic Engineering
8KentApplications of Filamentous bacteriophage to drug discovery
8KentResearch careers in large companies
33KentHow plants resist disease
34KentThe place of biochemistry in nutrition research
35KentPesticides in the environment
36KentPlants on poisons
37KentFlavours in food
58LeedsClinical Biochemistry
60LeedsFurther Qualifications
61LeedsPostdoctoral positions overseas
3LondonGlycobiology- The Sweeter side of Life
4LondonGenetic/Inherited Diseases
6LondonLife at high temperatures; development in high temperature microbiology and biochemistry
6LondonBiology of deep sea hydrothermal vents
21LondonMolecular aspects of medicine, Genetics, viruses and cancer "Cell life and cell death in the causes and treatment of cancer"
21London"The war against viruses - Battles won and lost"
23LondonWhat use is a degree in biochemistry
29LondonEnergy and Life
30LondonResearch in Tropical medicine, Molecular Parasitology
38London"Agony or Ecstasy?": Does MDA cause brain damage
39LondonFood research, spectroscopy in food science
48LondonUnravelling the secrets of eukaryotic cells
48LondonGene expression
56LondonResearch careers in large companies
63LondonCareers in scientific publishing
64LondonScience communication
65LondonCVs, Job Hunting, Interviews
66LondonCareers in clinical Biochemistry
67LondonSchool Careers
10LoughboroughRegulation of calpain proteolytic system in striated muscles
13LoughboroughGenetic engineering of plants
13LoughboroughFruit ripening
2ManchesterTropical Parasitic Diseases: A major scientific and social challenge
2ManchesterThe New Biology: The challenge of Genomics and the Phenotype Gap
7ManchesterDiabetes-the pissing evil
47ManchesterSex and the black 'P', Biotechnology-Supermarket Science-informs on the impact of GM on our present and future lifestyles, The science and ethics of genetic modification
47ManchesterGenetic engineering
49ManchesterGene Therapy
49ManchesterPerseverance obtains a PhD
54ManchesterWomen in Science
46ManchesterFurther Qualifications
46Milton KeynesDo not adjust your set (of genes)
51Milton KeynesPharming - White coats and no wellies
53NottinghamClinical Biochemistry
55NottinghamBranching out-careers leading on from research
 NottinghamPostdoctoral opportunities
9PrestonBugs and Drugs, How do cells send proteins to the right location?
14ReadingNutrition/Healthy Eating/Dietary guidelines
40ReadingSensory perception of food texture and flavour
40ReadingInfluence of Chewing Patterns
41ReadingWhat's cooking (in food research)
59SloughCVs, Job Hunting, Interviews
57SurreyCVs, Job Hunting, Interviews

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