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Making a bid for Biochemical Society support of a Focused Meeting

The Meetings Committee of the Biochemical Society invites its Special Interest Groups, academic research departments, individuals and other groupings of scientists to submit bids for the funding of proposed colloquia. This paper lists the information that should be contained within a proposal to the Meetings Committee for funding to support a scientific colloquium.

Please use the following form to submit your proposal either in hard copy to:

The Biochemical Society
59 Portland Place
Fax: 020 7637 7626
or electronically to [email protected]

Your proposal needs to be submitted with the following headings and fulfil the specified criteria:
  1. Case
    State the case for the science programme (half page A4) in terms of e.g.:
    attractiveness of publication
    target audience

  2. Venue
    State where you intend to hold your Focused Meeting.

  3. Organizers
    Name the organizers (plus "joint with" if appropriate), their addresses, and affiliations.

  4. Title
    Provide a working title.

  5. Proposed length
    State the proposed length of programme, e.g. one/two/three days.

  6. Commitment to Publish
    State a commitment to publish in Biochemical Society Transactions. Organizers of Focused Meetings are asked to state a commitment to publish in Biochemical Society Transactions articles.

  7. Proposed speakers
    List the proposed speakers (7 maximum per day), their topic titles, affiliation, and the country from which they are travelling. Please indicate a session for the presentation from one or two poster presenters - selected by the organizer.

  8. Budget
    Budget showing:
    Venue hire costs,
    Speakers/organisers subsistence and travel costs,
    realistic level of sponsorship to be raised
    sources of sponsorship confirmed and to be approached.

  9. Competing/recent meetings
    Give information, if known, about any competing meetings and the last known meeting on the topic in UK/rest of the world.

    * Agreement by the Meetings Committee to fund and schedule the meeting means that the organizer retains responsibility for the meeting (and the budget). The Society's Meeting Office staff will liaise very closely with the organizer and will make most of the detailed arrangements.
Timetable for submission
6 weeks before date of Meeting Committee - send proposals into Meetings Office allowing:-
1 week for perusal and filtering
3 weeks - seek review if possible and copy into agenda papers
2 weeks post out agenda papers to Committee members
Schedule of dates of the Meetings Committee
Meetings Committee Meetings are held in February, June and October of each year. Please contact the meetings office for more information.

Average Cost of Return Air Fares
Country Estimated Cost
USA - California �600
USA - Washington �600
USA - New York �550
USA - Pennsylvania �550
USA - Massachusetts �550
USA- Maryland �550
USA- Illinois �600
USA - Michigan �550
USA - Texas �650
USA - New Jersey �550
USA - Connecticut �550
South America - Brazil �800
South America - Buenos Aires �800
South America - Chile �800
Canada - Montreal �600
Japan �1,000
Australia �1,000
South Africa �900
India �900
Ireland �150
Israel �450
France �300
Germany �350
Spain �300
Italy �350
Netherlands �300
Switzerland �350
Sweden �350
Russia �900
China �1,000

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