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Harden Conferences

Terms of Reference

56th - Biological Electron and Proton Transfer, 26-30 August 2003
57th - Proteinase Structure and Function, 9-13 September 2003
59th - The ubiquitin/26S proteasome pathway:
a new layer on the cake of cellular physiology
6-10 September 2004
60th - Inositol Phosphates and Lipids - Regulation and Functions,
13-19 August 2005

Guidelines for submitting a proposal
Submit a proposal for a Harden Conference

Unique to the Biochemical Society, these are residential research conferences covering a specialist topic and lasting 4-5 days. The conferences bring together scientists from various backgrounds with a common interest in - but varying approaches to - the topic of the conference. Members are entitled to apply for bursaries towards the registration fee.

To maintain a suitably high level of discussion and presentation at the conference, it is desirable that participants be experienced in the field covered; most of the participants will be expected to have postdoctoral or equivalent experience, although Ph.D. students will also be welcome. Each conference lasts four to five days, with planned scientific sessions morning and evening, and the afternoon left clear for informal scientific interchange and recreation.

The planned scientific sessions feature speakers invited by the Conference Chairman and, in addition, time is left for extensive discussion and for short contributions, including posters, by other conference participants.

All participants must be resident for the duration of the conference.

Scientists wishing to participate are asked to contact the Meetings Office for an application pack at the address below. Application packs contain forms for application, bursary application, a sponsored free place and payment.

Bursaries and free places
A limited number of bursaries to cover the cost of registration are available to assist younger members of the Biochemical Society to attend the conferences.

Preference will be given to senior graduate students and restricted to members of the Biochemical Society and the sponsoring societies, i.e. British Biophysical Society, British Society for Cell Biology, British Society for Immunology, Genetical Society, Physiological Society, Society for General Microbiology, Society for Free Radical Research, and Society for Experimental Biology. Applications for these places should be sent to the Biochemical Society from the applicant's supervisor and should be accompanied by an independent reference.

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